As a fellowship trained sports medicine surgeon Dr. Barry offers complete medical care to active people of any age and skill.  Dr. Barry has served as a team physician for the Amgen Tour of California professional Cycling Race, the US Men’s National Soccer Team, the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, USC Football, All American Heavyweights Boxing, Pepperdine University, Dominican University, the Gold Cup, Santa Monica Rugby Team, Chivas USA soccer team, and many other professional and collegiate teams and sports.

“From the dedicated athlete to the weekend warrior, my goal is to help each individual regain an active lifestyle and to compete in sport at their highest level possible. So, whether you receive an injury playing football, running track at school, or in dance or yoga class, you will be treated with the same respect for your sport as a professional athlete. We care for all athletic injuries. You will benefit from the expertise of a sports medicine trained physician who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries due to athletic activity.”

Many athletic disorders that need surgical intervention can be treated with minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. Other injuries may respond to physical therapy or perhaps require more advanced surgery to promote optimum healing. No matter what your needs are my focus is to use my knowledge of sports injuries toward getting you back to your game.

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I went to Piers to consult about severe sciatica pain I’ve been having. I have insurance with Kaiser, but I want to go to a highly regarded expert in sports medicine, someone who gets the importance of being active and who understands the balance between medical interventions and other more holistic approaches including stretching, physical therapy, training, alternative medicine and lifestyle changes. Piers has that perfect balance, a truly comprehensive approach. He takes you through the undeniable medical issues and ensures you understand where you are, what options you have and exactly how to get there. His “bedside” manner is a perfect as he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. He has a unique ability to distill complex medical information and options into intelligible, easily digestible concepts. I can’t recommend anyone more for their comprehensive knowledge, expertise, “bedside” manner and professionalism.

Ron S

I had an accident at work that resulted in a 100% rupture of my distal biceps tendon (elbow) in January of ’14. I went to Stanford ED right after the accident that resulted in my need to find an actual ortho surgeon. After calling multiple specialists in the city I was finally referred to Dr. Barry and I’m very lucky. I was able to get an appointment with him the day after calling. He performed a high-level exam which was all that was required to know exactly what the prognosis was. He had already performed over 25 of these types of surgeries to repair this type of injury – the injury is rare so finding a doctor that has this much experience is CRAZY lucky! I had surgery the day after my initial exam – he spent time answering all of my questions and providing as much detail as I wanted. He even asked me what type of procedure I wanted because there was a new procedure out there still in infancy so I chose the procedure that he had most of his experience in. Since the surgery he’s been great – very responsive to my initial calls right after surgery due to pain, consistent follow-up visits have been a breeze, etc. For this type of injury to happen is rare and it sucks but Dr. Barry has made it a lot easier than it could’ve been. I won’t be fully recovered for another year or so but I’m confident that with Dr. Barry’s guidance I’m well on my way.

Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong in choosing Dr. Barry if you are ever in need of an ortho surgeon.

Michael B.

I was involved in a bike racing crash and I drove myself to the closest ER which was Modesto. While waiting in ER, I contacted a teammate of mine who had a recent shoulder injury and he told me not to do anything until I talk to the doctor, Piers Barry, that repaired his collarbone. Once I received my X-ray and I contacted Dr. Barry and despite it being a Saturday, he took my call and reviewed my X-ray that I had sent him digitally. Dr. Barry diagnosed the break as a type 2b distal clavicle fracture and walked me through my options of having surgery vs not having surgery. He suggested that I come into his office first thing Monday morning and he made himself available at 9:00 am. Dr. Barry and I are on the same bike racing team and I have gotten to know him personally over the last several years. He is one of the nicest, most unselfish people you will ever met but I didn’t know him professionally and before I selected him as my doctor I wanted to conduct my own due diligence. As such, I chatted with several other teammates that had received care from Dr. Barry and a few of them actually had the same injury that I did and they all sang his praises. Two of them had collarbone surgery and they were back racing their bike and climbing onto the podium in no time. I also chatted with another orthopedic surgeon that highly recommended Dr. Barry and he also advised that I get a plate implanted over my clavicle. In addition, I chatted with a friend that broke his clavicle and he didn’t get the operation done initially and after 3 weeks the bone wasn’t healing properly so they then elected to have the operation. So after chatting with other patients of Dr. Barry and consulting with another doctor in the same line of work as Dr. Barry, I felt highly confident in his ability. After my visit with Dr. Barry on Monday, he pulled various strings to get my operation schedule for the very next day. Post Street Orthopedic and the operating area is a very efficient and professionally run group. Before the operation, Dr. Barry spent considerable time with me and my wife explaining the surgery, the process and the recovery. He made my wife feel very comfortable and at easy. The operation went according to plan and Dr. Berry followed up with me several times over the next week just to check on my recovery and pain, which was minimal considering the operation. Dr. Berry has perhaps the best “bedside manners” of any doctor that I have engaged with. He is confident in his skills and his calm demeanor makes you relax. It has now been 4 weeks since my surgery and even though I am still in a sling- I am visiting a physical therapist and my range of motion is coming back quickly. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of working with Dr. Barry and I highly recommend him.


I had my appt with Dr. Barry this morning. My initial impression of the office was based on my interaction with his office manager, a beautiful young woman who was very gracious and helpful. Next, I met Dr. Barry’s assistant next, I believe his name was Troy…also very pleasant and kind. We completed some of my medical history and talked about my chronic knee pain…in walks Dr. Barry with this wonderful smile and kind spirit. Dr. Barry’s communication style with his patients is superb, he listens attentively, he asks questions and his facial expressions say I care and I want you to feel better. After listening to me, he explained some of the issues with my knee…he proposed a solution and he even explained why he chose this particular course of action. Before leaving, I felt some pain relief, I was so happy I hugged him! Everything about Dr. Barry’s practice shows he is patient centered physician who is kind, caring, and very skilled at diagnosing and treating chronic knee problems. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Barry….he is a WONDERFUL physician and his staff are excellent. I wish I could give him ten stars!

Franzetta H

I went to Piers for breaks in my arm. He is an extremely knowledgeable person that is so personable and takes the time with his patients. His patient care is straight forward and solid, couldn’t have asked for something better than the service he provides. My diagnosis was discussed and even gave me several avenues to take. This is a doctor who actually cares for patients and is there to truly help. I highly reccomend Piers,coming from someone that needs to possibly live in the doctors office. Joking aside, I couldn’t be happier since i found someone as solid as this doctor.

Ryan M.

I was racing a bike race in Livermore, CA in April 2014. I crashed badly and was taken to a hospital for x-Rays. They determined that I had a badly broken collarbone. A friend recommended Dr. Barry. I called Dr. Barry on a Sunday afternoon set up an appointment for Monday am and had surgery later that day.
Turns out I shattered my collarbone and it required some serious puzzle work to put it all back together. Dr. Barry put in a plate and several screws.
My wife was waiting for me in the waiting room. When he came out to let her know everything went well she felt that he put her at ease and wasn’t worried.
I was back on the bike a week later (trainer rides). I don’t have any issues wearing backpacks and I have no pain in the shoulder. Dr. Barry did an amazing job and returned me back to “normal.”
Thank you!!

Jan W.

I had been having shoulder problems for weeks and went to a few doctors who told me just to rest. When it continued to get worse, I went to Dr. Barry who was able to finally give me the correct diagnosis. I had a small tear that needed arthroscopic surgery. Now I am on the mend and hoping to be 100% soon.

Shannon S.

Incredibly personalized attention that felt perfect for my athletic goals. I was back on my bike faster than I ever expected.

Dave P.